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About Open Streets

New for 2018

We have a discount bracelet that we are handing out to the first 600 people who stop by the Info Hub on the Main Street Bridge. A special thank you to all of the businesses who are participating in the discount program. Please download our discount bracelet list and check out each and every one of these great local businesses.

About Aurora Baycare Open Streets

The core objectives of Aurora BayCare Open Streets Green Bay are:Aurora BayCare Open Streets is a non-profit one-day event held in downtown Green Bay where the streets are closed to vehicle traffic, and opened for fun transportation alternatives, such as biking, walking, running, skating and more.  Plus, you can enjoy food, music, fun activities and much much more.

  • Empower participants with the ability to improve their health and wellness
  • Encourage cycling, walking and running as ways to be fit
  • Increase community awareness, knowledge and acceptance of active modes of transportation
  • Connect the neighborhoods, parks and businesses within our communities

Open Streets initiatives were pioneered in the 1960s by cities with reputations for healthy living and alternative transportation. Seattle, New York and San Francisco were among the first to host Open Streets events and still do today. Open Streets are becoming increasingly popular in communities striving to achieve health, environmental, social and economic goals.

To find out the activities featured at each zone and along the course, click the map below for a full event guide map!

Click the maps below to download a printable PDF: